It’s the day of Shirley’s charity abseil from the Vic roof. Terrified, she hides out at the B&B only to feel miserable when she finds out Carly has sent Denise a picture of her new baby. As Phil comforts Shirley, they learn the abseil equipment hasn’t arrived. Shirley agrees to face her fears by climbing onto the roof when Phil says he’ll go with her. On the roof, Shirley realises how much she loves Phil and proposes!

Janine finds out that Michael lied about having to go to work when she discovers him judging the Albert Square cook-off. Forced to leave Scarlett with Michael while she nips to the loo, Janine assumes on her return that Michael has entered Scarlett into the baby competition for the cash prize without her say-so. Michael is frustrated by Janine’s inability to trust him.

Fatboy Lucy, Zainab and Ray prepare for the cook-off, each certain of their own victory. Ray makes an early exit from the competition to show Kim how much she means to him. Meanwhile, Ian watches Lucy from a distance beaming with pride when she wins.

Also, Lola’s chuffed when Lexi wins the top tot baby competition.