Shirley has an unwelcome surprise for Dean!

Dean is starting to feel the pressure as the rumours about the rape spread around the Square. With barely any customers coming through the door at Blades, he puts on a special promotion. It’s not just the clients leaving in droves, as the staff quit, too. Dean’s world finally crumbles when he gets a visit from Shirley, who has a ticket for him to leave London…


Jane is miserable after some pointed comments from her mum, who is refusing to come to the wedding. After going shopping for a wedding dress, Jane returns with a frumpy frock and, trying it on, is interrupted by a surprised Ian. Storming out, Jane bumps into Sonia, who takes her for a drink, advising her to forget her mum’s words and enjoy her big day. Jane asks Sonia to be her matron of honour.


Lauren throws down the gauntlet to Peter, suggesting that Kush will be faster than him in the half-marathon. Peter takes her teasing on the chin, deciding to prove his physical fitness by taking things to the bedroom!


Also, Masood makes up with Shabnam. With Stan’s request on her mind, Tina asks Sonia about the effects of painkillers.