Shirley has it out with Tosh

Shirley goes to the fire station for a showdown with Tosh and things soon get heated. Shirley hates Tosh even more by the time they’re through, as Tosh won’t back down. Returning home, Shirley takes her anger out on Tina, trying to convince her Tosh is no good for her. After Shirley locks Tina in her room, Tosh rescues her damsel in distress when Tina climbs out of the window, helping Tina down with the fire truck ladder.

Alfie entertains Luke while Kat and Stacey are out. Worried about Kat, Alfie makes a call. Revealing too much about Stacey’s situation over the phone, Alfie has forgotten Luke is listening. Stacey confesses to Kat she’s off her meds as she and Luke are trying for a baby. Stacey is devastated back at Kat and Alfie’s when an angry Luke, horrified by the extent of her lies, walks out on her. Running after him, Stacey is seen by a stunned Max.

Cindy is furious when Ian threatens to send her to her grandparents in Portugal, angry that her grades are slipping and she’s been bunking off school. When Cindy seeks solace with Liam they get drunk, soon taking things further. When Liam goes to leave he’s horrified as Cindy collapses.