Shirley hits rock bottom

Phil catches Shirley rifling through his safe, needing reward money to offer for information on Heather’s murder. Shirley is also planning more flyers and a feature in the Walford Gazette. Realising he needs to put a stop to it, Phil calls DC Crisp, who tells Shirley she’s putting the investigation in jeopardy. After Phil coldly brushes Shirley off, a humiliated Shirley gets drunk. Derek pulls her up out of the gutter and takes her back to his for a nightcap…

Bianca is furious when she finds out that Ricky can’t contribute to her rent any more. With no prospect of an extra job and her housing benefit claim still being processed, Bianca begs Janine to give her more time to pay the rent. Janine insists the rent is paid by Friday. Things get even worse for Bianca when Morgan and Tiff flood the bathroom and blow the fuse box.

Cora is concerned that the distance between Max and Tanya will push them apart. She worries when she sees Roxy flirting with Max. Later, Max tells Tanya that he’s booked an appointment with her cancer nurse to talk about when Tanya will be able to have sex again. Tanya panics, knowing he’ll discover her lie and says they need to talk.