Shirley is alarmed by a familiar face

Jay feels uncomfortable when Denise brings Shirley back after finding her sleeping rough. Jay tries to talk to Shirley but she violently threatens him. Shirley visits Phil, taunting him with a bottle of whisky. When he refuses, she downs the bottle and stumbles outside, as Phil makes a desperate phone call. Shirley looks up from the gutter to see a familiar face – her daughter Carly. A disgusted Carly walks away…

Janine’s paranoia about Michael continues when he’s cagey about a text message. Later, she’s furious to see his diary is empty despite his claim he’s got appointments. Alarmed when she finds a cheque book stub for 20,000 pounds she confronts Michael. He reveals he’s bought her a plush sports car. When Janine continues to question him he storms off exasperated.

Jack arrives at the club to find Dennis alone in the office while Sharon’s in the storeroom. Sharon smiles as she hears Jack reassuring Dennis that things will work out at school. When she hears Jack tell Dennis to make an effort so his mum doesn’t worry she storms out and tells Jack he has no right to give her son advice, although she can’t deny the chemistry between them.

Also, Kat returns to the Vic and tells Alfie she misses him.