Shirley is desperate for cash

Shirley does her best to drum up business for the ice cream van, but after a run-in with Bianca she dumps her uniform in the bin and leaves a sign in the van saying ‘gone drinking’. Shirley complains to Phil that she’s skint and when Phil mentions that he saw Jack talking to drug dealer she is thoughtful. Shirley tells Heather that everything will be okay and she visits Jack and tells him she wants in on the drugs deal.

Masood despairs of his marriage and decides to go to Pakistan. Syed, Amira and Tamwar set up Masood and Zainab with a romantic dinner. Masood tells Zainab he will never leave her and they hug. Tamwar, Amira and Syed are listening in and are delighted.

Patrick confronts Owen and tells him he’s got 24 hours to get out of the Square or he’s calling the police. Owen pleads with Patrick that he wants one last chance to prove himself to Denise and Libby. Patrick tells Liz that he’s disappointed in her for betraying his family and Liz is gutted.

Also, Archie tells Janine his test results have come back clear; Bianca’s furious when she finds out Sam is moving in.