Shirley leaves Phil!

Phil begs Shirley not to leave, telling her he loves her. Shirley is cold, determined to move out, hinting that she might even inform on him to the police. Phil is left alone in the house as Roxy and Amy also move out. Later, Patrick takes Jay to the Vic, determined not to hide him away. When a furious Andrew goes to punch Jay, Phil steps in, instinctively protective.

Ian feels awkward when he catches Lucy and Joey kissing. He tries to play the protective father and warns Joey to look after Lucy, but Joey hits back that he treats Lucy better than Ian did. When Lucy can’t go to a party Lauren is throwing as she has to work in the cafe, Joey guilt-trips Ian into taking her shift. At the cafe Ian is left unsettled when Phil turns up and tells Ian he needs him to convince Ben to change his statement.

Michael is worried when Janine determinedly heads to work with Scarlett as he doesn’t think she’s had a long enough break. When Janine arrives she hands Billy the baby while she goes through the accounts. Janine accuses Michael of changing the computer password when she can’t get in, but is embarrassed when she realises she left the caps lock on.