Shirley talks Deano into coming over for lunch and he thinks he’s managed to persuade Carly to join them. She stands them up and Shirley soon suggests they go to the pub. Carly is there and sneers at the pair trying to play happy families. Shirley drowns her sorrows in pint after pint and starts flirting with a couple of strangers, much to Deano’s shame. After a scuffle, Shirley loses her keys and Deano has to drag a drunken Shirley home where she conks out on the sofa.

Dawn starts to blackmail Rob by telling him that if he doesn’t leave his wife the next day, she’s going to abort the baby. May is desperate to stop this happening and encourages Rob to invite Dawn over for a romantic dinner while she makes herself scarce.

Tanya works out how daughter Lauren has been getting cigarettes, when Big Mo collars her asking if she wants another packet of fags for Max.

Elsewhere, Peggy returns from her cruise and Li agrees to write sexy emails for Darren – for a price.