Stan’s condition continues to deteriorate, causing more tension between Mick and Shirley, as Stan insists on seeing Dean before he dies. When Dean turns up at the hospital, Stan is delighted, but Mick arrives and tells Dean to leave.

Buster and Dean’s shock return to the Square has left the Carters shaken. Buster’s presence only serves to remind Mick of all the lies and deceit within the family. When Buster tells Shirley they should move to Greece with Dean to start a new life she agrees. A chat with Phil makes Shirley reconsider whether she’s doing the right thing. After thinking long and hard, Shirley calls the police and Dean is arrested for disappearing while on bail.

Kat is in hospital following her suicide attempt. Alfie and Stacey are by Kat’s side, willing her to pull through the worst. When Kat seems to be rallying, Alfie sincerely tells her that he will be there for her from now on, no matter what.