Shirley manages to resist Vince’s charm

Shirley gets a surprise visit from Vince, who is clearly keen on her, and he offers to do her shift at the Vic. Peggy is unimpressed when Vince turns up, but he talks her into letting him work at the pub and offers her his car as a guarantee that he won’t run of with the takings. Vince goes down a storm at the Vic, but he’s finding Shirley’s defences harder to break down.

Zainab and Shabnam nearly knock down Vince, but Zainab puts the blame on Kevin for selling a ‘dodgy’ car to her! Kevin wants to resolve the feud between Denise and Zainab and he invites the Masoods over for dinner. The dinner party is a disaster and Denise is left upset when Zainab reveals that she’s bought No 46 – the house that Denise had set her heart on.

Lucy is worried when Steven reveals that he hasn’t disposed of Craig’s gun for her. He approaches a police station but he fails to hand in the gun. Steven is flustered and he returns to Pat’s and packs his bags and announces that he’s leaving. Lucy sees Steven and he tells her that there’s something he wants to show her…

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