The wedding party return to The Vic, but there are some unusual speeches, when Jay, Ben, Phil, Aunt Sal, Sharon and Shirley all take the opportunity to put their point across. As they all speak out, there are some devastating and irreversible revelations. Meanwhile, Shirley still has in her possession the gun that she found in Sharon’s bag…

Charlie is stunned when Ronnie pays him a visit, revealing she’s pregnant with his baby. When Dot later sees them arguing in the Square, she forces them to talk things through properly. Ronnie tells Charlie she wants to bring up the baby alone, prompting Charlie to agree it’s up to her. Dot, however, is horrified and is determined to change Charlie’s mind and get him to take responsibility for his child.

Aleks’s surprise offer of a holiday with Roxy and Amy all makes sense when his wife Marta and daughter Ineta turn up in the Square. Bundling Roxy and Amy into a taxi, Aleks manages to set off for the airport without his wife seeing him. When Marta comes looking for Aleks at his office, Tamwar is stunned.

Also, Peter forgives Ian for his liaison with Rainie, not realising it happened the night of Lucy’s murder. Meanwhile, Lauren dumps Dean.