Shirley visits Phil in prison and is horrified when he reveals he’s pleading guilty to get a lighter sentence. Shirley’s worried when she realises he’s being beaten. Shirley begs Ian to get Ben to change his statement. Ben threatens to call Marsden when he finds her at Ian’s. Shirley leaves and a smug Ben crows to Ian that he lied about Stella to get Phil sent down. Ian is stunned.

Tanya puts on a brave face on the day of her MRI scan but she falters when Abi mentions Lauren. On the way to the hospital, Max and Tanya spot Lauren. Max insists Lauren is either part of the family or she isn’t. Max waits for Tanya as she has her scan and ignores a call from Roxy. A guilty Max texts Roxy to cancel their rendezvous.

Rose hears Dot making a telephone bank transfer and is suspicious. Rose is caught by Cora snooping through Dot’s bank statements. Rose assumes the money must be going to Dot’s son Nick. Rose brings it up with Dot and says that if she had that much money she’d give it all to Andrew. Dot tells Rose that she doesn’t need to buy Andrew’s love.