Shirley searches for Heather’s killer

Shirley decides to find Heather’s killer herself before going to the police. Shirley tracks the picture frame back to Jean and is stunned to learn it was in the bag of junk that Phil gave her. Ben is horrified when he arrives home to find Shirley clutching the picture frame. Shirley declares she knows the truth – that Phil killed Heather!

Sharon directs Phil to her fiance John’s house where they find his sister Nina. They force her to call John to find out where he’s taken Dennis. With Nina in the car they race to the spot, but Nina shouts out to warn John and he speeds off. After a car chase, Sharon’s horrified when Dennis jumps out of John’s car at a crossing and into busy traffic. Sharon grabs Dennis just in time, as Phil silences a furious John with a punch.

Max is frustrated as he tries to build bridges between Lucy and Ian when Lucy insists she wants nothing to do with him. Feeling sorry for Ian, Max lies to Ian that Lucy agreed to see him when he’s better. A hopeful Ian visits Lucy to thank her for understanding and is stung when Lucy tells him he’s got it wrong – he can drop dead for all she cares.