Shirley starts a fire in Scarlett’s!

Denise, Jean and Whitney storm out of the restaurant after Ian makes insulting comments. When Jean later realises she’s left her bag in Scarlett’s, Shirley and Bianca suggest they break in to retrieve it. Lighting candles to hide their presence, Shirley and Bianca help themselves to wine. Jean tries to stop Shirley opening a bottle of brandy. As the bottle smashes, the alcohol is ignited by a naked flame.! The sprinkler system switches on and the ladies leg it.

Meanwhile, Ian takes Denise a peace-offering of a bottle of wine, but Kim warns him that he may have pushed Denise too far this time. Tearful when Denise suggests they take a break, Ian begs Denise to believe that he wants their relationship – and the restaurant – to be a success. Denise is touched by his sincerity, saying that their ‘break’ is now over.

Michael tells Jack his plan to lure Janine home, but Jack is sceptical that it will work. As time ticks by with no sign of Janine, a downbeat Michael thinks his plan backfired, admitting to Billy that he wants Janine back in the Square. Janine later arrives after a tip off from Billy, secretly thrilled that Michael wants her around. Michael is relieved.