Shirley struggles with Dean’s trial

As the time comes for Shirley to testify at Dean's trial, will she be able to get through it in EastEnders?

Shirley nervously prepares for Dean’s trial as she faces giving evidence. After opening up to Kathy and Denise about her fears, she goes to the court with Denise for support. Returning to the Square, Shirley confesses to Mick that it didn’t go well, blaming herself for being a bad mum. Shirley joins Roxy in the Vic as they wait to hear when the verdict will be announced. Linda worries Dean will be found innocent.

Buster feels pushed out by Shirley when she won’t talk to him about Dean’s trial. Turning to Kathy for support, he cheers up when Kathy invites him to a family dinner. With Buster in the house, Jane notices the connection between Kathy and Buster, warning Kathy to be careful.

Carmel’s initial elation at getting the market inspector’s job soon turns to nerves. Confessing to Kush she doesn’t think she’s up to the role, Carmel is given a boost when Kush assures her that she’ll be great.

Also, after blaming Sylvie for locking her in the freezer, Babe secures a place back at the Vic. It’s soon clear however, that Babe knows Abi was the real culprit. Babe gets Abi her job back but what are her motives?