Shirley has a surprise for Tina in EastEnders

Feeling abandoned by her family, Tina is stunned by a visit from Shirley in EastEnders...

Tina is struggling caring for Sylvie, frustrated when a distracted Shirley seems to be putting all her energies into worrying about Phil. When Sharon sees how much Tina is having to deal with, she has a word with Shirley about giving Tina a break.

Realising she’s not doing her best for her sister, Shirley turns up on Tina’s doorstep and suggests that she and Sylvie move in with her

Sharon is concerned when Ben refuses to visit a poorly Phil in hospital. Confused about why he’s so reluctant, Sharon gets Ben to open up.

After he confesses that he feels guilty for thinking Phil had started drinking again, Sharon is reassuring and Ben finally visits his dad. Meanwhile, Sharon has another problem to deal with when Dennis returns home from school with bruises on his face.

Also, Kim is horrified when Vincent opens a parking fine and discovers that Kim’s been done for incorrect parking! Stacey is downbeat when she has no luck renting Masood’s house but is thrown a lifeline by Tina.