Shirley tells Phil she loves him!

Horrified by what’s happened to Sharon, Phil decides to confront her attackers. Jay is worried about what Phil may do, asking Shirley to intervene. Shirley arrives in the nick of time to stop Phil doing something stupid. Reasoning with Phil, Shirley blurts out that she loves him, just as Phil hears that Sharon has been rushed into theatre…

Johnny’s still feeling guilty about hiding from Sharon’s attackers, with Linda advising him to keep quiet about it to avoid a backlash. Helping clean up the mess at The Albert, Johnny feels pressured by his family and storms out. Later, in the Vic talk turns to Sharon’s attack. Linda jumps to Johnny’s defence, but lets slip that he hid upstairs while Sharon was being bashed, leaving Johnny humiliated.

Peter is shocked to find funeral director Les hassling Ian for payment of Lucy’s funeral. When Peter later finds Ian raiding the till at the cafe, he assumes the money is for Les. However, when Les later apologises to Peter for his outburst, Peter is confused to learn Les has still not been paid… Later, Denise is pleased when she convinces Ian to babysit Lexi with her as Ian bonds with Lexi.