Phil is grateful when Sharon goes to court with him for Ben’s sentencing. Ben is sentenced to four years, while Jay has been given community service, and comes home. Jay is touched when Phil makes it clear that he’s still a Mitchell and he feels bad that he didn’t get Ben help earlier. A sympathetic Sharon hugs Phil, encouraging him to get things right with Lexi – just as Shirley walks in!

Alfie and Fatboy set up a rival Christmas stall to Derek’s after returning from Germany with their stock. Derek wagers them that whoever takes the least by Christmas Eve has to hand over a day’s takings. Alfie is suspicious when Kat goes AWOL, later claiming she was organising a framed family photo as a present. Kat is touched when Alfie gives her a gift – a necklace with similar stones to her mum’s pawned engagement ring.

Lauren gets drunk with Cora, who opens up about why she gave up Ava. Tanya is fuming when she interrupts them. When Lauren later turns up to the club drunk, Joey refuses to serve her. She asks him why he’s being so mean to her. Feeling guilty, he gently tells Lauren to forget him.