Shirley’s hide-out is discovered

Mick interrupts Stan arguing with Aunt Babe, who is caught off guard when Stan claims Babe knows where Shirley is. Aunt Babe says there might be someone living in the caravan… Mick and Dean head to the caravan to check it out, as Mick reminisces about the family holidays they used to have there, and they soon find a stunned Shirley.

When Mick explains Phil’s alive – and has covered for her with the police – Shirley realises Aunt Babe has been playing her. Despite learning Stan has terminal cancer, Shirley refuses to return to the Square. When Mick and Dean leave, a man emerges from the shadows, embracing Shirley…

Ben has been invited by Johnny to Lee’s birthday celebrations but leaves when Lee says he doesn’t want a murderer there. After Johnny follows to apologise, Ben tries to kiss him, but panics when Abi turns up. Shouting at Johnny to get off him, Ben then enrages Lee by calling Johnny names. After a furious Lee attacks Ben, Abi takes Ben to hers to tend to his wounds, where he kisses her. Ben is relieved when Abi responds, hoping he’s found a way to convince everyone he’s straight.

Also, Cora finishes with Stan, unable to deal with his cancer news.