Shirley is hopeful that she’ll see her son Dean when an excited Tina tells her she’s invited a surprise guest for dinner. Her hopes are completely dashed when Shirley discovers Tina has invited over her firewoman ex-girlfriend Tosh! Shirley can’t stand Tosh and the meal is a disaster. Shirley makes digs at Tosh before storming off.

Kat explains Janine’s demands to Alfie. Despite Alfie’s insistence that it’s a really bad idea to let Stacey go into the prison, Kat and Stacey stand firm. Somehow, Stacey’s cover isn’t blown and she comes face-to-face with Janine, who is up to her old manipulative tricks. Janine has another demand for Kat and Stacey – she wants Kat to get her off Michael’s murder charge. Meanwhile, Luke comes looking for Stacey.

Denise worries Patrick is going to feel lonely in the B&B on his own, as Kim won’t be there. Ian is not impressed with Denise’s suggestion that Patrick move in with them. With Cora and Dexter unwelcome at Max’s, Patrick asks them to move in with him. Delighted by the suggestion, Cora thinks Patrick is after some romance, moving in for a kiss!

Also, Masood is angry when Carol wants Tamwar to write Alice a letter of support.