Shirley’s on the warpath!

Shirley marches into the Arches and demands to know where Phil was last night. Ricky covers for Phil, but Shirley doesn’t believe him. She corners Rainie and warns her to stay away from Phil.

Afia tells Tamwar not to let Masood ruin their relationship and threatens to call the police. Zainab tells Tamwar to make up with Afia. When she sees the state Yusef is in, Denise demands to know the score from Masood and is stunned when he reveals that Yusef really wants Zainab and not her. Later, Masood tells Phil that Yusef did the injuries to himself! Phil believes him, but refuses to clear his name.

Roxy sees Alfie in the cafe and asks when she’ll be allowed back in the Vic, but Alfie tells her that Kat isn’t ready. Roxy sees Michael in the Boxing Gym and tells him she won’t wait for ever. He meets at the flat and tells her that he wants her and they go to the Vic to celebrate. Kat holds her anger and serves them both. Meanwhile, in a London coffee shop, a man reads an article and is stunned to see his nephew in the paper. The man turns out to be Eddie Moon.

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