Pat and Yolande put Kevin and Denise on the same pub quiz team in the hope it will get them talking, but Denise refuses to speak to him. Kevin despairs and admits that why should she forgive him when he never forgave Shirley.

Shirley, who is acting as the quizmaster for the night, takes to the mic and starts rambling about all the mistakes she’s made in life. She then looks to Denise and urges her not to make the same mistakes and marry Kevin instead!

Stella’s bizarre manipulation of Ben continues when she slyly tells him that Abi probably has an unhappy family life. Things start to get sinister, when she later burns him with a hot spoon.

After the cashpoint refuses his card, Billy resorts to stealing a tenner from the till, only to see it snatched by Shirley as a donation for the night.

Tired of Stacey’s snide comments about her and Sean, Chelsea has a dig at Stacey’s appearance. This prompts Stacey to book into the salon, but she’s mortified to find out Tanya will be doing the makeover.

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