With Joanie due out of prison, Lisa decides she’s going to face her fears head on and pick her up. The thing is, Lisa, of course, is now back with Zak, her former husband who divorced her after starting an affair with Joanie, who he went on to marry. When Joanie realised at the end of last year that Zak’s heart remained with his first wife Lisa, she ended their marriage, before getting in a spot of bother and being sent to prison.

Lisa’s heart is in her mouth as she faces Joanie, who she knows has been deeply hurt by Zak, just as she was. As Lisa tells Joanie about her reunion with Zak, how will the gran take the bombshell?

At Butler’s, Pete acts on Victoria’s concerns about Moira and asks the struggling farmer if he can help her. Will Moira accept?

The Dingles kick into action as Debbie is given yet more bad news. Lawrence tries to lift Chrissie’s spirits by giving her her dead mum’s wedding ring.