AJ has decided to take up the job opportunity in Birmingham. As he’s packing, Tamwar breaks the bad news that AJ and Masood’s mum has died. When AJ refuses to fly to India for the funeral, not wanting to jeopardise the job, Masood is furious. Convinced into going to the funeral by Tamwar, AJ leaves Walford with the bad feelings between him and Masood unresolved.

Denise knows she should pull away from Fatboy, but she can’t resist his kisses. When she hears Ian making a heartfelt speech about how much she means to him, she feels guilty. Caught out, Denise and Fatboy are mortified, but Denise insists it was a mistake. Back at home Denise can’t shake the thought of kissing Fatboy, while Ian also has other things on his mind.

Whitney tries to comfort Johnny after his row with Linda. Taken aback when Johnny moves in for a kiss, Whitney realises there’s something up. Admitting the truth, Johnny reveals that he’s gay, but his mum won’t accept. After some advice from Whitney, Johnny tells the family he needs to move out. Linda finally faces up to her feelings and they make up.

Also, Bianca finds Carol in bed with David!