Shock: Paul does the right thing!

Mal returns home, but Susan hasn’t joined him, much to Karl’s disappointment. Paul watches on across the street, in deep thought about what Karl said. Later, Mal checks the Erinsborough News website to see if the article ran, and Karl’s upset when he sees that it did. However, when he reads it, he realises that it’s been edited and there’s no criticism of the doctors.

When Paul catches up with Karl, he expects a thank you explaining how much effort he went to to edit the story, but Karl throws it back in his face. Paul criticises Karl for sitting back and letting his marriage crumble, making him realise he needs to do something about it, but Mal warns him off. However, more words of encouragement from Paul, and Karl heads off to find Susan.

Thinking he’s about to get the sack, Chris is pleasantly surprised when Lucas offers him an apprenticeship. Lucas has also left him in charge for the afternoon, but things aren’t as easy as he expected when a customer comes in, making homophobic comments.

Tash encourages Chris to stand up for himself and insists he has to tell Lucas. When he does, Lucas makes light of the situation, telling Chris not to let it worry him. When the man returns and continues his homophobic rant, Chris watches on as Lucas fails to say anything. Upset, he quits.