Just when it looks like Nick Jordan has to accept impending death, his consultant, Frances, shows up at the hospital offering him a glimmer of hope. Her mentor thinks he can operate on the tumour – but the risks are high…

Jeff refuses Curtis’s invitation to be his best man so Dixie gets the job instead. To Jeff’s horror she begins planning a girly stag night – but it’s only a ruse to get the grumpy paramedic to accept Curtis’s offer. He falls for it.

Jordan gives Ruth a dressing down for deceiving Sarah Evans and losing the surgical position. Later, however, he pleads her case with Sarah and manages to get her job back.

Jessica makes a shock reappearance at work with all three of her children. She’s overjoyed they can be reunited as a family but Adam’s still furious with her for disappearing to Saudi with baby Harry. Yet an encounter with a critically ill patient makes him reconsider his feelings – he asks Jessica to marry him!

Unfortunately for him, Jessica sees things differently and turns him down. She realises Amelia and Lucas need time to deal with everything they’ve been through. He doesn’t take her refusal well…

Is there trouble brewing for the couple? Check back next week to find out.