Shocking humiliation for Bex

The game is finally up for Bex when Wayne Bodley, a Year 11 pupil, happens upon a compromising video of her and spreads the footage around the school. Now she has little choice but to finally tell Karen the truth about her disappearance. The timing is lousy, as Bex is in the process of preparing her speech for the head-pupil elections.

Things get even more complicated when Bex finds out the identity of Jess’s new boyfriend. It’s enough to force her into a dramatic, albeit reluctant, decision – she will run away from home again.

Another person caught in the crossfire is poor Tom, whose recovery is really put to the test when he tries to get to the bottom of Wayne’s behaviour.

Meanwhile, Finn is determined to be a good mentor to Denzil. Unsurprisingly, Sam is initially sceptical, although she finally comes to the hat he is being genuine – so much so that an unexpected relationship is sparked.

And Cesca’s caginess is really starting to try Jonah’s patience. He issues her with an ultimatum – either they stop the creeping around and start acting like a real couple or it’s over between them.