Carmel visits Lauren in hospital where she finds Sasha panicking that Lauren may die. Lauren’s desperate to attend Calvin’s funeral, but only so she can tell people the vile truth about her brother. Carmel’s stung by her coldness and heads off to the funeral with Sasha and Leo. Though she’s desperately ill, Lauren’s determined to have the last word.

Theresa’s terrified – she’s told Kyle that she shot Calvin with his gun. Kyle calls Theresa to tell her to meet him. Myra sees Theresa get into his car and dials 999. Armed police pluck Kyle from the car. Theresa heads to the funeral but when she gets to Calvin’s wake, she receives some shocking news.

Carmel refuses to let Mercedes attend Calvin’s funeral, but Mercedes objects – if she stays away tongues will wag. As Mercedes puts on the hard act to cover up her upset over Calvin, Myra is outraged – Mercedes is burying her sister’s husband. With Calvin buried, Mercedes tries to make things up to an embittered Malachy. He wants a fresh start far from Hollyoaks, so issues her with an ultimatum.

Also; Cheryl sashays into The Dog, certain she’ll soon buy the place; Rhys gets a visitor who threatens to eat him out of house and home.

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