Shocks aplenty at the Effanga family wedding!

It’s the day of the big Effanga family wedding. Mo’s not a fan of family gatherings but she and sister Adele are bridesmaids when their other sister Celia ties the knot, so she puts on a brave face. Luckily, her ‘plus one’ Mr Thompson’s there to lighten her mood.

Mo’s upset when her mother criticises her decision in 2012 to be a surrogate mother, and going ahead in giving away the baby. Then Mo discovers her father isn’t at the wedding because he’s in Lagos with another woman!

Later, when Mo feels her mother doesn’t care about her, like she does her sisters, she wants to know why. When confronted, Ma Effanga lets slip a huge family secret that turns Mo’s world upside down…

Meanwhile, when Zosia’s friend from the clinic, Lisa, turns up at Holby, Guy steers her away telling her Zosia wants a fresh start. But Guy is rocked when Lisa returns to the hospital, having tried to commit suicide. Lisa is a mirror image of how Guy sees Zosia – will he be able to come to terms with his daughter’s mental illness?