Bree gets a shock when Orson’s estranged wife Alma turns up on her doorstep. She admits that she wanted people to assume she was dead and wanted to make his mistress, Monique, scared of Orson, but now she’s back to make amends. Bree decides to throw a dinner party for her friends, with Alma as a guest, to prove that Orson is not a murderer.

Susan tells Gabrielle and Lynette that Orson was seeing Monique – but they don’t think that the fact that he’s spent time in a mental institution means that he’s capable of murder. Susan accepts Bree’s invitation for dinner – but calls detective Ridley to tell him about Orson’s affair with Monique.

Later, at the dinner party, Bree realises that Susan has broken her confidence when detective Ridley shows up to quiz Orson about Monique, and she declares that their friendship is over.

Elsewhere, Tom brings Kayla home to live with him and Lynette, but Kayla insists on doing things the way her late mother did. Tom tells Lynette to be firm with Kayla, but tensions run high when Kayla throws a tantrum in a restaurant. Later, Kayla tells Tom she blames Lynette for Nora’s death and says that she’ll never be able to love her.

Also, Gabrielle gets angry when she suspects that Carlos is trying to sabotage her new relationship with new boyfriend Bill – then realises that moving on from Carlos might be more difficult that she first thought.