Coronation Street spoilers: Shona hopes for making up are dashed by David

Shona is gutted when David makes it clear it’s over between them. Can she get to the bottom of why he is pushing her away?

Shona is pleased when David asks to meet her in the Rovers and confides in Josh that he might have come to his senses. But she’s gutted when he arrives in the pub with the rest of her stuff in bags.

Mary is trying to impress Jude by learning about marine life and boring Tracy with her knowledge. Meanwhile, Jude’s lack of knowledge of the marine biology titles he collects from the Kabin intrigues Tracy and when Mary says that she and Angie are going to surprise Jude at work for lunch Tracy decides to tag along. As Mary and Tracy arrive first, with Angie on the phone outside, they make a shocking discovery about what Jude’s really up to…

Craig tells Bethany he is embarrassed about his OCD and worries people will think he is mad. She assures him he will get better and when the police arrive to let her know Neil’s appeal is likely to go ahead she asks them to be more lenient with Craig for telling her about it.

There’s tension at the bistro when both Ali and Carla join Robert and Michelle to celebrate the renaming of the restaurant as the Viaduct Bistro. Michelle is oblivious to the attraction between her son and Carla. Daniel tells Sinead he feels responsible for introducing Vinny’s mum Flora to Phelan and decides to look for her.

First episode of the evening.