Coronation Street spoilers: Shona is desperate to get intimate with David but he panics

Shona tries to get close to David but only succeeds in pushing him further away

Shona decides to finally speak to David about the fact that they haven’t been intimate for some time and asks him to join her in bed. He says he will follow her up and she’s thrilled – but once she heads upstairs he grabs his coat and rushes out into the night.

When the police visit Bethany they are surprised to discover Craig told her about Neil’s appeal and suggest he takes a break from his Special constable work. An anxious Craig is doing his OCD rituals when Bethany calls round and he quickly gets upset and blames her for what has happened. How will she react?

Rosie and Aidan wait excitedly for Sophie to finish her interview but she reveals she didn’t get the job.

Second episode of the evening.