Shona stuns Gail with her revelation

Shona makes a deal with Gail in Corrie – before revealing a shocking secret.

Gail approaches Shona, worried about what she knows. As Shona assures her she hasn’t been to the police, Shona stuns Gail with a secret of her own…

Determined to find out who pushed Ken, Adam resolves to question Peter, convinced his story doesn’t stack up. Tracy keeps her counsel, deeply suspicious of Adam. But when Luke lets slip to Adam that he wasn’t with Tracy the night of Ken’s assault, Adam confronts Tracy, knowing Luke lied to the police for her.

Leanne calls into the Bistro and offers Michelle an olive branch. But will Michelle accept it?

Rosie and Sophie accuse Leah of harassing Sally. Leah claims her mum is the culprit and promises to have a word. Phelan takes Faye to visit Seb. Kevin attempts to reassure Tyrone that he never set fire to the garage.