Shona turns the tables on David!

David gets more then he bargained for when he confronts Shona.

Sarah breaks the news to an incredulous David that she intends to fund an appeal for Clayton. Fired up, David marches into the cafe and confronts Shona, but she turns on him saying it’s time they cleared the air.

Bethany does Mary’s make-up, Mary admits she’s not proud of lying to Jude about her sham wedding. As Jude walks Mary down the aisle, he tells her how he’s thinking of tracing his father’s family. Mary does her best to cover her shock. All at sea will Mary go ahead with a marriage of convenience?

When Tyrone hears that Roy’s allotment shed has been broken into, he finds Chesney there cowering alone.

Maria and Will welcome Robert and Michelle back from Brighton. As Rita prepares for Norris and Mary’s wedding, she’s perplexed when she can’t remember where she’s going.