Shop Well For Less? – BBC1

Alex Jones and Steph McGovern meet a family struggling to cope financially after having two sets of twins in less than two years

Some things just go well together – strawberries and cream, cheese and crackers and… Steph McGovern and Alex Jones.

The pair reunite for a new four-part series tonight, helping families become savvy shoppers.

And with Steph’s business brain and Alex’s warmth they make a persuasive team.

Shop Well for Less? BBC1

Alex Jones and Steph McGovern give financial advice to a family with two sets of twins

Tonight, the Ingram family from Caerphilly need 
a financial makeover.

Emma and Liam are mum and dad to Mackenzie, 10, and two sets of twins – Maddison and Jaxon, 18 months, and Alexa and Sienna, six months.

They have a taste for designer football gear, but can’t afford it any more with their own five-a-side team to provide for. Can Steph and Alex help? You bet!

TV Times rating: ****