As nasty Nathan deals with the fall-out of Natasha’s decision shots ring out at Home Farm. So who’s playing with guns again? Has Natasha confessed, or turned on someone else – or herself? And where does it all leave Will, Maisie and Declan? Not to mention Ryan and Faye.

There’s a dark mood at Tall Trees Cottage, too. Shadrach seems determined to drink himself to death and Marlon is upset because he can’t make his useless, lazy, selfish, alcoholic uncle see sense. Marlon’s other lodger, Lizzie, convinces him that Shadrach can cope on his own and encourages Marlon to go out with Rhona. Unsurprisingly, Marlon comes home and finds Shadders has, indeed, mistreated his liver again. Does he want to die?

They’re very big on interventions in America, where friends and family force a loved one to deal with their problems, such as alcoholism or drug addiction. We haven’t seen one in Emmerdale before, but there’s always a first time – and Aaron and Adam are the instigators. They decide to talk to Roz about prickly Holly and her love of cocaine. But Holly finds out and freaks out, telling them they have to trust her. Well, they don’t have to and they shouldn’t – but will they?

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