*Part one of three*

When young asian Rafi Hassar is attacked while distributing flyers for a Rock Against Racism concert, Supt Heaton suspects that racist gang, The Bulldogs of Patriotism, are involved and will be looking to make trouble at the event that evening.

At the hospital, Rafi’s father Ahmad accuses Rafi’s uncle, Nadim Mura, of leading Rafi astray. Nadim tells DCs Terry Perkins and Jo Masters that Ahmad is hostile towards him as Rafi was helping him promote the concert.

Elsewhere, Sergeant Stone and Pc Diane Noble learn that the offices of local MP Paul Saggar, another supporter of Rock Against Racism, have been broken into. At the concert venue, Heaton is angered when the MP starts to talk publicly about Rafi’s attack, fearing that he’s fuelling racial tensions.

That night, the officers receive a tip-off to say an angry Ahmad is on his way to the concert. When Saggar and Nadim walk on stage to address the excited crowds, Ahmad is spotted and the sound of gunshots ring out…