Blessing doesn’t get good news at her consultation for gender confirmation surgery. She bumps into a hospital porter, Tim, who tells her his cousin had surgery three years ago and offers to get the name of the doctor for Blessing. She goes with Tim to see ‘Dr Robinson’ who tells her she can have surgery this week.

Myra is alarmed when she finds Myra-Pocahontas on Theresa’s bedroom floor. Theresa thinks Carmel is setting her up to look like a bad mother and calls the police. Later, Theresa collapses while playing with Kathleen-Angel and Phoebe finds a small bottle of vodka on the floor. Theresa discovers sleeping pills in Carmel’s beauty bag and uses this as evidence that Carmel’s sabotaging her.

Also, Lockie tells his brother that he’s getting married next month and can do anything he wants, with whoever he wants, until then.