Should Casey come clean?

Brax is in a bad way. The police have discovered evidence linking him to the fire at Jake’s place and during the search of the Braxton house, officer Watson decides Casey is a suspect. He’s the only Braxton without an alibi. Watson implores Casey to come clean to avoid getting a criminal record, but Casey remains tight-lipped. Heath is stunned to discover Casey committed the arson at Jake’s place and congratulates him, but Casey lashes out under the pressure of the investigation and turns to Ruby, who offers her support.

Sasha is reluctant to work at The Diner because Marilyn and Colleen have been very vocal in disapproving of her stealing. Sid tries to change her mind but has to enlist Roo’s help. Indi notices a spark between them and convinces Sid to ask Roo out for dinner. Meanwhile, Harvey is pleased that Roo has eventually agreed to a date. Sid calls The Diner to speak to Roo and Sasha answers. There’s a bit of a mix-up… which results in an embarrassed Sid walking in on Roo and Harvey’s dinner.

Romeo is having a hard time with his new business partner Harvey. Alf is worried but Romeo assures him it’s just teething problems.