Should Jas be afraid…?

When Mandy hears about Jas’s catastrophic date with Vish, she agrees to never set her up again and now understands why Jas wouldn’t return her texts over the weekend. Jas says she wasn’t ignoring her… she’d just lost her charger again. She sets her phone on charge and starts work.

Later, Kevin finds Al looking at pictures of Jas on her social networking page. Al scrabbles for an explanation; Jas recommended a restaurant and he’s just seeing if he can find it on her page. He can’t see what the problem is, after all, they are ‘friends’ – but Kevin feels suspicious and tells Al straight that Jas isn’t interested in him. 

At the end of the day, Jas scrolls through her texts on her now-charged mobile until she gets to an anonymous one which says: “You Slag”. Is Al’s campaign turning sinister? 

Meanwhile, Heston and Emma’s first restaurant review causes a stir, and Karen goes into full-on panic mode when Howard tells the team that a nurse practice development officer will be visiting to review their work.

And an innocent trip to a day spa thrusts Daniel into the middle of a dysfunctional family’s battleground.