Martha, distressed and angry at hearing Hugo is alive, goes to the police station. She is upset that Charlie also knew, and turns her wrath on Angelo. He assures her that both he and Alf were deeply troubled by their secret, and tells her that he and Hugo were trying to protect her. Martha is left with a terrible dilemma of her own. How can she not tell Gina and Xavier?

Elijah and Leah’s relationship is blossoming, helped by the fact that VJ seems quite taken with Elijah. The Reverend is even planning to take VJ’s classmates caving, which he and Leah are excited about. Meanwhile, Miles is disturbed by a dream, where he sees Elijah, Leah, VJ, and a bunch of students who all appear to be dead, lying in the mouth of a cave. When Miles wakes with a start, Rabbit tells him they have to hurry.

Romeo struggles to come to terms with life after Annie. She’s been in touch with others in the Bay and not him – he’s no longer part of her life. Liam suggests Romeo has a go at writing poetry. Reluctantly, Romeo pens a short story. He hates the final product, but when Liam rescues the story from the bin, he’s very impressed.

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