Maxine’s alarmed when she finds Patrick’s will is on fire – but who is responsible? It’s the day of Patrick’s memorial and Maxine needs Darren by her side but Nancy’s still suspicious about his cagey behaviour. Meanwhile, Sienna decides to get answers about why Patrick left everything to Maxine. As loved ones gather for Patrick’s memorial, Maxine panics as she sees Ben drilling into the wall to secure a plaque. Sienna turns up and viciously accuses Maxine of manipulating her father. Later, Maxine’s confused when she hears Patrick’s voice over the baby monitor…

Cindy tells James she doesn’t need his help anymore – she does, however, need Holly’s help to try and get Dirk back. Cindy waits for Holly in The Hutch but James is there too and Holly’s furious when she sees them together, thinking her mum has moved on from Dirk. When Holly tells her mum about her police caution for possessing cannabis, Cindy calls James for help.

Mortified about their kiss, Zack’s desperate not to be left alone with his ‘sister’, while Lisa knows it was what they both wanted. Lisa sets a romantic scene for a movie night with Zack. When Joanne calls Simone to tell her about an opening at her firm, Louis’s heart sinks.

Alfie turns up at school with flowers for Jade but she thinks they’re a pity gesture. Tom gives Alfie advice on how to let Jade know how he feels, so he presents her with ‘Jade’s Chemo Survival Kit’ full of her favourite things but, when Nico and Peri question it, Jade runs off. They chase her back to the Boarding House and tell her they’ll all be there for her.

Later, Alfie confides in Tom that he wants to be Jade’s boyfriend.