Stacey is hurt when Max continues to blank her as he tries to make it up to Tanya. Bradley and Lydia are suspicious when Stacey tries to be friendly to them in the pub. Stacey oversteps the mark and an uncomfortable Lydia suggests that she and Bradley leave but instead Max shepherds Stacey out of the pub.

Stella continues to feel undermined by Ben when her present to Phil is outshone by Ben’s own thoughtful gift. Peggy tries to boost Stella’s confidence by taking her out shopping and everyone’s gobsmacked when she turns up in the Vic in a sexy red dress and hair, nails and make-up to match! But Phil gets a nasty birthday surprise when he discovers his car window’s been smashed.

Deano wakes up in hospital and asks about Shirley but Carly insists that Shirley is not coming back. However, Shirley sneaks back into the hospital and pleads with Deano to hear her out. A furious Kevin accuses Shirley of causing the anguish that led to Deano’s accident but Deano is keen to have Shirley around.

Meanwhile, Naomi, Minty and Garry are chuffed when their offer is accepted on the flat.

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