Despite Rob carrying out a safety review of Sian’s home yesterday, she still feels uneasy as she creeps downstairs, having heard a noise. When she spots a horseshoe by the stove, she leaves a distressed message on Rob’s phone…. before a figure looms in front of her. Is it Tom?

After ignoring his phone all morning, Rob takes a call from Kevin, who’s been trying to reach Sian but no answer. Rob finally listens to the message she left that morning, and he and Howard rush to Sian’s house – she’s not there but there’s clearly been a struggle. Rob spots the horseshoe while on the phone to Sian’s son Louis, who remembers the old forge campsite they went to years ago as a family.

Howard wants wait for back up but Rob insists there isn’t time and punches Howard in the stomach to make a clean get away. At the campsite, Tom has Sian bound and gagged and is about to torture her with branding iron. As Rob arrives, Tom points a gun at him but Rob moves closer towards Tom, telling him to pull the trigger, seeming not to care as to whether he lives or dies.

As Tom is distracted by the sound of police, Rob knocks him to the ground. As the police enter and save Sian, Rob is still kicking Tom when he’s down and Howard has to pull a manic Rob away as the armed response unit take over. Relieved at being rescued, Sian tries to thank Rob, who just stares blankly into space…

Also, trapped in a confined space with a grumpy young man, Karen discovers a side of her she didn’t know existed.