Sian’s alarmed by Jez’s behaviour

Jez is determined that Waterloo Road can win in an upcoming rugby match. But Michael Byrne isn’t being too encouraging of his methods, and comes up against Jez’s wife, Sian, who thinks Michael’s too negative.

Troublemaker Maddie is up to no good again. As Ronan’s finding it hard to get money for his fruit, Maddie steps in and says that she can get money from her dad – Jez. Sian catches Maddie with Jez’s credit card, and makes a shocking discovery on the bank statement – Jez has been having Botox.

It’s Phoenix’s 16th birthday, and his dad Nelson gets him a scooter. Wasting no time, Phoenix drives it to school to impress his friends. But Mr Byrne tells him to take the bike back home. Taking a detour, Phoenix visits his dad on the building site where he works, and decides that he wants to work there instead of staying on at school.

Meanwhile, the rugby match doesn’t look as though it’s going in Waterloo Road’s favour. But after a turnaround, they are crowned the winners and everyone’s ecstatic. However, it transpires that Jez cheated to make sure they were victorious – something Sian’s furious about.

After a trip to the pub, new Head of English Linda Radleigh and Michael Byrne walk back to their cars, where Linda kisses him and tells him to spend the night with her.

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