Sian’s in trouble!

Sian and Sophie have a lovers tiff when Sophie accuses Sian of feigning stomach pains to get out of going to the school prom together. Later, when Sian chats to Ryan he decides to ask her to a festival with him. He bought tickets when they were together and it would feel weird going alone. Sian agrees and unwittingly gives him a glimmer of hope.

Chesney is still fuming over John and Fiz’s lies. Fiz tries to explain the reason for their situation and although Ches refuses to approve of what they’re doing, he admits he’ll always be there for her. Meanwhile, a confused Charlotte is back at the Stapes with news – Colin is coming home tomorrow! Fiz panics as a shell-shocked John wonders what to do next.

David‘s struggling for mates now he’s fallen out with Graeme. He begins to feel sorry for David and offers an olive branch.

Also, Bill and Izzy aren’t happy to see Owen start work on Underworld, but Liz is clearly pleased to be seeing more of him; Carla and Nick come to an agreement.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

John‘s desperate, he asks Charlotte what she’s going to do now Colin’s back and a confused Charlotte admits her loyalties are split. But John is panicking and needs an answer, and as he waits outside Weatherfield High he’s aghast to see Colin coming out. As Charlotte insists they talk over dinner, John fears the game is up.

Sophie’s excited about her first proper date with Sian, but as she waits at school it looks like Sian’s stood her up. Meanwhile, a hopeful Ryan’s convinced tonight’s the night he can win Sian back and catching her at the bus stop he makes his move. But he’s terrified when Sian suddenly collapses in pain.

Audrey‘s fed up with running into Lewis’s ex lady friends at the salon; they’re winding her up and she doesn’t want to continue defending him. She wonders whether it would be easier to just hang up her curling tongs, retire and move away with him.

Also, Owen flirts with Liz to Izzy’s embarrassment; Lloyd worries when Cheryl admits she’s been in touch with Chris, who claims he’s changed and wants to see her.

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