Sia tells Lewis she’s giving him a D for his essay and that she’s read his autobiographical novel that he gave her, and thinks he should get help. Lewis is incensed.

Later, Lewis tells Ellie to keep a diamond ring she found at his house and got stuck on her finger. Jack and Lewis’s father are both angry as Lewis is calling Ellie his girlfriend and the ring was his mother’s. When Lewis tries it on with her and is rebuffed, he tries to cut her finger off!

Jack and Lewis make up, agreeing they’d both been fooled by Ellie. When Sia and Ellie turn up at the house and confront Lewis about the knife, he denies it all. Roundly chastised by Karen and Jack, Sia leaves, and returns to her uni office. Her hand sizzles as she touches the handle, and she is blown backwards by flames!

At the Mill, Heston and an embarrassed Daniel are showing Cherry how to waltz – while Simon feels more excluded.

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