Sick Bruce refuses to change his ways

Although Bruce’s condition has stabilised, Rachel stresses he needs to drastically change his lifestyle or he will deteriorate. Bruce dismisses her concerns and makes Rachel and Sally promise not to tell Annie and Geoff about his heart condition. However, Geoff later becomes suspicious about the extent of Bruce’s illness, and confronts him, suggesting they sell the farm. Bruce makes it clear this is never going to happen and discharges himself from hospital.

Brad pressurises Sally into starting organising their wedding, but she secretly wants a long engagement, and doesn’t know how to tell Brad. Later, she’s not too happy to find out that Brad has gone behind her back to organise a potential wedding date. Put on the spot, Sally has little choice but to agree. But is she having second thoughts?

Drew continues to be obsessed with fixing his car, but promises Belle he’ll take her on a romantic drive when Dom delivers the final part. Drew is impressed at how easily Dom can access spare car parts, but is unaware Dom is breaking into cars to get his hands on them.

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