Sid and Marilyn are having problems. Marilyn receives advice from her ‘psychic’ best friend Mitzy and is very confused. One part of her feels Sid is her perfect man, the other suggests that they are just too different. Sid tells Miles that Marilyn doesn’t have cancer and that it is just one of Mitzy’s false prophecies. Sid is torn – Mitzy’s visions go against all he believes, but after hearing of Miles’ experience with Rabbit he begins to wonder if there are other possibilities. Sid is open with Marilyn about how he feels towards Mitzy and she in turn explains her convictions. They’re reconciled… for now.

Paulie and Angelo are struggling to find a means to pay the loan shark. Paulie has a brainwave – they’ll go to the races! He has a foolproof system that can’t fail.

Sid demands that Dex apologise to Marilyn and the opportunity arises for him to do just that. Sid tries to accompany him but Dex wants to do it by himself. However instead of apologising, Dex again confesses his feelings for Marilyn. Mitzy tries to tell him his confessions are futile.

Miles and VJ are suspicious that something is up with Leah. How is she really feeling about visiting Elijah?

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