Sid and Nicole kiss!

Sid tells Nicole he’s had enough. She’s always there, making passes at him. It’s making him uncomfortable and he’s now avoiding her. Nicole’s response is to turn a minor coffee scalding into an emergency, just so she can see Sid at the hospital. Later, Nicole goes to Sid’s when she knows he’ll be alone. He comes out of the shower and she makes another play for him. As she kisses Sid, Indigo arrives home.

Jai’s heartbroken after seeing Annie and Dexter kiss and resolves to win her back. Annie tells a disappointed Dexter that she thinks they should cool things, at least until Jai becomes a bit more accepting.

Miles is devastated after Kirsty tells him she isn’t sure if she’s going to keep their baby. He thinks, as the father, he has rights too, but Kirsty won’t even discuss the matter with him. Even when they are finally alone together for dinner, Kirsty won’t talk things through.

Miles tries to have a chat to Jai about the situation, as Kirsty has asked Jai not to tell anyone about the baby, but Jai is too hurt by his own problems with Annie to fully engage with the discussion. This family is in danger of falling apart.

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